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This platform makes it possible for you to request for your Academic Transcript and Certificate online. After requesting and submitting your application,your Certificate will be ready in few weeks while the Transcript will be delivered to the provided dispatch address. Using this platform, you are no longer required to visit the school or send a friend or relative to apply on your behalf, thereby making it easy and saving your time and money. Carefully follow the instructions below on how to go about this simple process.If you need our support kindly call the phone number below or channel your enquiries via this click button CLICK .


This is to inform Ambrose Alli University alumni and the general public that the University has reviewed its transcript issuance policy so as to improve on the transcript processing time and achieve the 48 hours’ mandate for the processing of all transcript applications.

As part of the fulfillment of this policy, the University management have approved the issuance of the student copy of transcripts as part of the innovation aimed at speeding up the transcript processing time.

Below are details of this new innovation:


Alumni of AAU can now apply for the student copy of transcripts and have same sent to non-institutional/educational addresses such as their private home addresses, offices and emails where applicable.The student copy comes with letter grades only.
For the avoidance of doubt, please find below a sample dispatch address where the student copy of transcript can be sent upon the completion of an application:

No. 3, Casablana Street,
Wuse 2 F.C.T Abuja.
email: info@coodculture.com.ng

Karimu Adjorin
No. 15, Emmanuel street
Lagos, Nigeria.
email: karimulastico@gmail.com


The official copy of transcripts as applied for by alumni will be sent strictly to schools and institutions such as verification bodies for educational and immigration purposes.
The official copy as usual, comes with both raw scores and letter grades.
All such request must be accompanied with the official address where transcript should be sent alongside the recipient official email address where applicable.
For the avoidance of doubt please find below a sample official dispatch address where transcript can be sent:

International Office/International Relations
Rutherford Building
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
United Kingdom
M13 9PL.
email: intadmissions@manchester.ac.uk

World Education Service
Reference Number:5534889
WES Global Documentation Center
14-145 industrial pkwy south
Aurora, ON LVG 3V5
email: contactca@wes.org

Payment for courier service is available online on the Ambrose Alli University Alumni Portal
Please be guided as the University management has mandated the relevant organs of the University in charge of the issuance and processing of transcripts to ensure the strict implementation of the new transcript policy.
Ambrose E. Odiase,
Acting Registrar

ATTENTION: After a successful payment for Transcript or Certificate please go back to your Base Data page and click "Finally Submit" to trigger the application processing phase. || For Transcript Dispatch, make payment for Courier via UPS by clicking on the provided link

Application and Payment Instructions

1. Navigate to https://aaue-alumni.waeup.org/applicants.
2. Click on Application
3. Click on the application you want to apply for
4. Click "Register For application"
5. Enter your name, valid email address and phone number.
6.Click "Send login credentials to email address".
7.Check your email and click on the link to login.
8.Once you login with your credentials click "Edit application record"
9.Fill in the information (your Base Data); upload your “Passport Photo” and “Statement of Result” and click the "SAVE" button.
10.At the bottom of the page click on "Add online payment ticket" to make payment

Interswitch Payment: via an ATM-Enabled Verve, Visa or Master Card .

i. Click on "Pay via interswitch CollegePAY"
ii. On the "Submit data to CollegePAY" page, crosscheck your payment data,then Click ‘Submit’ to proceed with the payment
iii. Enter your card details i.e Card number, expiry date, CVV, pin and click “Pay”
Note:Your CVV is the 3- digit number printed at the back of your card
iv.After a successful payment, click on "Finally Submit" to submit your application.

Further Notice

1. Upload of Statement of Result and Passport Photo is a mandatory requirement for applicants applying for either or both Certificate and Transcript.
2.Transcripts are dispatched via UPS Courier Service,Email or Local Post Office Stamp.
3. Applicants should ensure that their Phone number and Email Address is correctly entered on the Base Data page as they will be contacted to indicate their preferred mode of dispatch when processing is completed.
4. Proxy or Third Party collection of CERTIFICATE is prohibited by the School Authorities.

For support,contact the support team on 014537005 Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm .

For complaints on payments, kindly do a mail to bursar@aauekpoma.edu.ng with your payment details.