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This platform makes it possible for you to request for your academic Transcript and Certificate online. After requesting and submitting your application,your Certificate will be ready in few weeks while the Transcript will be delivered to the provided institution dispatch address. Using this platform, you are no longer required to visit the school or send a friend or relative to apply on your behalf, thereby making it easy and saving your time and money. Carefully follow the instructions below on how to go about this simple process.If you need our support kindly call the phone number below or channel your enquiries via the click botton CLICK

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This messaging service is currently being operated by a yet to be identified fraudster. He/she poses as support staff for payments on the University alumni and undergraduate portals.
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Attention : After a successful payment for Transcript or Certificate please go back to your Base Data Page and click FINALLY SUBMIT to trigger the application processing phase. || FOR TRANSCRIPT DISPATCH , MAKE PAYMENT FOR COURIER via FEDEX OR UPS BY CLICKING ON THE LINKS BELOW


There are five categories of Certificate:

1. Certificate from(1980/1981)session to(2014/2015)session

2. Certificate from(2015/2016)session to present session

3. Post Graduate Certificate

4. Diploma Certificate

To Request for Certificate (1980/1981 to 2014/2015 Academic Session Graduates), CLICK! Certificate for 1980/1981 to 2014/2015 session.

To Request for Certificate (2015/2016) session to present session) CLICK! Certificate for 2015/2016 to present session.

Click here to search for Certificates Available For Collection.Certificate available for collection.

To Request for Post Graduate Certificate CLICK! Request for Post Graduate Certificate.

To Request for Diploma Certificate CLICK! Request for Diploma Certificate


Transcript request are in four categories:

1. Request for Transcript (Overseas)

2. Request for Transcript (Local)

3. Request for Post Graduate Transcript (Overseas)

4. Request for Post Graduate Transcript (Local)

To Request for Transcript (Overseas) CLICK! Request for Transcript (Overseas).

To Request for Transcript (Local) CLICK! Request for Academic Transcript (Local).

To Request for Post Graduate Transcript (Overseas) CLICK! Request for Post Graduate Transcript (Overseas).

To Request for Post Graduate Transcript (Local) CLICK! Request for Post Graduate Transcript (Local).


1. Verification of Result/Certificate/Transcript (Embassy, WES, Institution)

CLICK! Verification of Result/Certificate/Transcript (Embassy, WES, Institution).

2. Request for Scanned Result/Certificate/Transcript via email/Attestation/Proficiency in English Language.. NOTE THAT ONLY APPLICANTS WHO HAVE HARD COPIES OF TRANSCRIPT/CERTIFICATE THAT ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR THE SCANNED COPY.

CLICK! Request for Scanned Result/Certificate/Transcript via email/Attestation/Proficiency in English Language


1. Payment For Courier: UK, USA & CANADA only . via (FedEx)

CLICK! Payment For Courier: UK, USA & CANADA only. via (FedEx)
2. Payment For Courier:Local and Overseas via (UPS)

CLICK! Payment For Courier via (UPS)

Application and Payment Instructions

1. Goto https://aaue-alumni.waeup.org/login.
2. Enter your user name and the password as sent to your email to login.
3. To make payment, click 'Edit application record'.
4. At the bottom of the page click on 'Add online payment ticket'.

Interswitch Payment: ATM-Enabled Verve, Visa or Master Card from any commercial Bank.

1. Click on the Payment_ID of the ticket created.
2. Click on ‘CollegePAY’ at top of your page. Confirmation page will appear to enable you cross-check your payment details. If ok, Click ‘Submit’ to proceed with the payment through Interswitch payment gateway.
3. Select your card type from the ‘drop down’ (Verve, Visa or Master Card), enter your card details i.e Card number, expiry date, CVV2, pin and click “Pay”. Note : Your CVV2 is the 3- digit number printed at the back of your card.
4. After a successful payment .
5. Click on Finally submit on the application record page.

Further Notice

Upload of Statement of Result and Passport Photo is a mandatory requirement for applicants applying for either or both Certificate and Transcript.
Transcripts are dispatched only to institutions, dispatch to residential addresses is prohibited please note this information while filling the application.
For support, contact the support team on 014537005 Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
For complaints on payments, kindly do a mail to bursar@aauekpoma.edu.ng with your payment details.